Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Outfit of the day

"Bringing tartan back"

Today I was able to have a lie in prior to going to sixth form (thank God) and so I was able to take a little extra time deciding what to wear in the morning. As December is now upon us - although still early December - I thought it would be deeemed acceptable to opt for a slightly festive vibe and drag out my christmassy tartan skirt!

I love this skirt so much, when I first bought it, a year ago now, I had little confidence in how to dress, so I had only worn it once... in the comfort of my own home... only in front of my family. However, now I have found my own sense of style and am more daring when deciding what to wear, I have decided I am going to wear this skirt multiple times in the run up to Christmas as it is just so comfortable and it would be a waste not to wear it!

I paired the skirt with a dark grey round neck jumper and collared shirt. The jumper has two silver buttons on either shoulder which added a slight military feel and the collared shirt just gave the outfit a slightly more smart and professional feel. Finally I added some opaque tights and my favourite boots which created a grungy touch to contrast with the feminine skirt.

Although I got a few references to the Britney Spears 'Hit me baby' video because of the slight school girl look, all in all I received quite a few compliments on the outfit and so I will definitely wear it again as Christmas dawns upon us!

Skirt - Hollister, £48 (last year)
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins, unknown price
Collared Shirt - Forever 21, £18
Boots - Topshop Ample boots, £70


  1. Tiff I'm in LOVE with this skirt, I might have to try and find one after Christmas, its beaaaaut xx

    1. Hey thanks Lily! Go for it, as tartan is in this winter it shouldn't be too hard to find one!