Monday, 3 December 2012

Monochrome madness

Monochrome madness
Stripped of colour, but not stripped of stripes

Zara is one of my all time favourite shops, with it being dubbed the 'highstreet's take on Prada', it is difficult not to be captivated by the beautiful pieces they bring out every season. Particularly known for imitating high end fashion for affordable prices, the retailers new lookbook is difficult to turn a blind eye to, especially considering how moderate their prices are compared to brands such as Chanel, Emilio Pucci and even Louboutin.

Early december features masses of monochrome, with many key pieces being vertically striped. I for one, am a complete sucker for striped clothing so when viewing the website yesterday evening there was no question as to if I was going to buy anything, the question instead was which striped item of clothing would I buy?! With so many items it is difficult to choose, as (luckily) stripes are always an on-trend way to reinvigorate an outfit - just think Audrey Hepburn and her iconic bretton striped jumper - so the question now, is what do you think of the new Zara collection? Which item would you opt for?

All infomation about these outfits and further details of Zara's recent collection can be found at, check it out and buy something so I feel less guilty about buying something myself!

Tiffany xx


  1. Totally agree with you Tiffany, stripes are always on trend. I am still yet to purchase anything from Zara *sad times :(* but I really want to purchase one of their velvet blazers, I am a sucker for blazers and I am loving velvet at the moment!


    1. Glad awesome that we agree Vanese! Ah no way, you've never bought anything from Zara? Yes I love their velvet blazers, they have one that isn't all velvet but is black and has a velvet pattern that I absolutely ADORE... Maybe put it on your Christmas list? ;D xx