Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lush review

Sunnyside bubble bar
Okay so if you haven't guessed by the title, this is going to be a review of the 'sunnyside' bubble bar by Lush. I bought a few things from lush a fortnight ago and I have been using them sparingly as I don't want to use them all in one go and have nothing else to look forward to, so without further ado, lets get down to the reviewing of the product!

                                               Lush 'sunnyside' bubble bar

When I first saw this product in the shop I thought it was amazing and although the ridiculous amounts of glitter found on my hands after handing the product worried me a bit, I decided to take the plunge and just buy it anyway. At £3.65 per bubble bar it is on the pricey side, even for lush, however I decided not to contemplate on all the other things I could spend that money on and just get it!

The bright golden specks of glitter are absolutely beautiful and are not only on the surface of the bubble bar but run the whole way through the bar right to the core. With a sweet orange and citrus scent this bubble bar would be the perfect way to start a morning as the underlying lemony tones add a fresh smell which definitely leaves you feeling wide away after bathing!

                                                                                   Bubble bar, close up of glitter and packaging

Upon placing the bubble bar in my bath I'll be honest, I originally thought it was going to swirl around similarly as do bath bombs, however instead of just 'placing' it in the water I realised that I needed to crush the bubble bar and sprinkle the parts all round the bath - this gave me a much better result than just letting it sit in the water and slowly watching it disintegrate. The bubble bar was creating sparkly bubbles as well as colouring the water yellow, this is by far the best product for producing bubbles I have come across! The small bar had created masses of sparkly bubbles which made my skin feel ultra smooth and soft, even after coming out of the bath it was apparent sunnyside had softened my skin dramatically.

Above are some pictures of the sunnyside bubble bar in action, after it has been crumbled and the result after all of the bar has melted in the water. I really enjoyed using this product and overall if I had to score it out of 10 I would give it a strong 7 and a half, this is because although I really enjoyed using the product it still is no match for my favourite lush products and eventhough I personally do not have sensitive skin I believe the product may not be for everyone because of the glittery pieces!

Tiffany xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Outfit of the day

"Bringing tartan back"

Today I was able to have a lie in prior to going to sixth form (thank God) and so I was able to take a little extra time deciding what to wear in the morning. As December is now upon us - although still early December - I thought it would be deeemed acceptable to opt for a slightly festive vibe and drag out my christmassy tartan skirt!

I love this skirt so much, when I first bought it, a year ago now, I had little confidence in how to dress, so I had only worn it once... in the comfort of my own home... only in front of my family. However, now I have found my own sense of style and am more daring when deciding what to wear, I have decided I am going to wear this skirt multiple times in the run up to Christmas as it is just so comfortable and it would be a waste not to wear it!

I paired the skirt with a dark grey round neck jumper and collared shirt. The jumper has two silver buttons on either shoulder which added a slight military feel and the collared shirt just gave the outfit a slightly more smart and professional feel. Finally I added some opaque tights and my favourite boots which created a grungy touch to contrast with the feminine skirt.

Although I got a few references to the Britney Spears 'Hit me baby' video because of the slight school girl look, all in all I received quite a few compliments on the outfit and so I will definitely wear it again as Christmas dawns upon us!

Skirt - Hollister, £48 (last year)
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins, unknown price
Collared Shirt - Forever 21, £18
Boots - Topshop Ample boots, £70

Monday, 3 December 2012

Monochrome madness

Monochrome madness
Stripped of colour, but not stripped of stripes

Zara is one of my all time favourite shops, with it being dubbed the 'highstreet's take on Prada', it is difficult not to be captivated by the beautiful pieces they bring out every season. Particularly known for imitating high end fashion for affordable prices, the retailers new lookbook is difficult to turn a blind eye to, especially considering how moderate their prices are compared to brands such as Chanel, Emilio Pucci and even Louboutin.

Early december features masses of monochrome, with many key pieces being vertically striped. I for one, am a complete sucker for striped clothing so when viewing the website yesterday evening there was no question as to if I was going to buy anything, the question instead was which striped item of clothing would I buy?! With so many items it is difficult to choose, as (luckily) stripes are always an on-trend way to reinvigorate an outfit - just think Audrey Hepburn and her iconic bretton striped jumper - so the question now, is what do you think of the new Zara collection? Which item would you opt for?

All infomation about these outfits and further details of Zara's recent collection can be found at, check it out and buy something so I feel less guilty about buying something myself!

Tiffany xx